Credit Card Payments


 Thank you for choosing Ravenswood Mansion for your upcoming event. This is an instructional page on how to process credit card payments. Please remember there is a 3.5% credit card processing fee associated.

Check your balance

If you are unsure of your balance, please visit your client site for that information. You will need your access code that was given to you in a "Welcome Package" email.

Make a payment

Review the info below for step-by-step instructions for payment. When you are ready to make your payment,  go to the payment portal.



Step 1

You will see this screen - click “Ravenswood Mansion.”


Step 2

The next screen that pops up will give you the option of "Ravenswood Rental" or "Ravenswood Cleaning".


  • IF you are paying for your final balance and cleaning fee, only put the venue rental amount in here. NOT the cleaning fee. You will have to do a separate transaction for your cleaning fee.

  • IF you are making your initial 50% venue rental deposit, you will only select "Ravenswood Rental". You will not have to come back for the cleaning fee this time. 


Step 3

 Enter the following information, and then press continue:

  • Reservation Date

  • First Name (of the person who booked)

  • Last Name (of the person who booked)

  • Event Name (ex: Abby Cox Wedding)

  • Deposit Amount

Double check the information is correct, then click “Continue”.


Step 4

Enter your credit card information and press continue once complete.

Another confirmation screen will appear, click “Continue” if your information is correct. IF the system says there's an error, go back and check your credit card number.


cleaning fee

IF you are paying a final balance, which includes a cleaning fee, please go to the beginning and click “Cleaning Fee" and repeat the steps. Cleaning fees are $225.

Questions or Issues?

Have questions about credit card payments? We're here to help! Just click below and shoot us an email!