Planner Policies

At Ravenswood Mansion, we require a minimum of a day-of coordinator on site to oversee all aspects of your event. Having an industry professional on site not only ensures that our policies are followed to prevent the loss of your security deposit, but also  helps your event run smoothly and be as enjoyable as possible for you.

Planner Agreement Form

When hiring your planner, we have two requirements:

  1. You must sign a contract with a professional wedding planner or coordinator, as we will not accept an inexperienced friend or family member stepping in for the role.

  2. Your planner must fill out and sign our Planner Agreement Form for every event.  This form also provides a place for your planner to upload a copy of your signed contract for us to keep on file. 

Our Policies for Planners

  • Planner On Site: At Ravenswood, we require planners to be present beginning at first vendor load-in, or first guest/client arrival, whichever occurs first. Planner may not leave until the end of all mansion load-out AND the last guest has departed. 

  • Planner Responsibilities: All activities surrounding the wedding at Ravenswood Mansion must be managed by the planner, including managing all timelines, guests, vendors, and clients on the day of the event.

  • Timeline/floorplan: If you have created one for the client, we ask that you provide us with an event timeline and floorplan no later than two weeks prior to the event.

  • Start Time: Access to the house begins at 9am the day of your event. Unless prior arrangements have been made with the Event Venue Manager, we do not allow any tent, rental, and/or decor deliveries to begin prior to 9am. We suggest communicating with your tent and rental vendors to make sure you have a clear delivery plan.

  • Rental Items: Ravenswood Mansion currently has a limited number of rental items for clients use. (For a list of available rental items and quantities, see our Rentals Catalog.) We recommend that our clients contract a licensed and insured industry professional to do all set up and tear down of the City’s rental items. If a client should choose to do this on their own, it is the planner's responsibility to oversee set up and tear down and ensure rental items are returned to their proper places in the carriage house at the end of the night, unless prior arrangements have been made for items to be left out.

  • Tent set up/tear down: Tent set up may begin at 9am on the day of your client's event. Tents must be off property no later than 9am the following day. All exceptions MUST be approved by the Event Venue Manager. Please note: the Ravenswood team is not responsible for any vendor delays.

  • Tent/rental sharing: If your client is tent sharing with another event, please provide us with a detailed sharing plan and list of Ravenswood rental items that will be used for both events so that we can coordinate which items may be left beneath the tent for use during both events and which must be returned to the carriage house. 

  • Trash: Planners are responsible for overseeing trash removal from the house and grounds. All trash must be removed by planners, caterers, bartenders, and/or a designated party at the conclusion of the event. Trash bags must be tied and placed in the trash cans provided in the black fenced area at the rear of the house. Ravenswood Mansion provides trash bags, 8 indoor trash cans for client use, as well as 5 large barrel trash cans in the black fenced area for outside use.

  • Grass: Driving and/or parking on the grass is strictly prohibited. Please communicate this strict policy with all vendors during load in/load out as well as clients and guests to prevent damage to the grass and/or irrigation. No exceptions will be made.

  • Stairs: No more than two people at a time are allowed on the front staircase for any reason. The staircase shall be blocked off at the start of the event and all guests and/or clients will be required to use the back staircase.

  • Decorations: No candles or open flame of any kind are allowed inside the house or on the porches. Decorations may not be attached to the property with any type of adhesive (tape, command hooks, etc) and/or anything that will create a hole (nails, tacks, etc). 

  • Catering: Planners are required to oversee all catering activity. Caterers are required to check out with the Event Rep before departure. For clients who choose to use drop catering, the planner is responsible for making sure all catering exit procedures are followed and must sign the catering exit form with the Event Rep prior to departure.

  • Alcohol: If your client is having alcohol at their event, consumption in the dressing quarters MUST cease after the ceremony begins. If clients or their bridal parties want to continue drinking any alcoholic beverages they have brought, it must be placed behind the bar and served by the bartender. Should there be continued issues with this throughout the evening, our staff has the right to move any alcohol behind the bar themselves.

  • Music: The City of Brentwood requires all music to end promptly at 10pm. Additionally, due to the historic nature of the floors, no dancing or bands are allowed inside the house.

  • Approved Send Off Methods: Bubbles, glow sticks, ribbon wands, and/or pom poms. Real flower petals may be used only if the client cleans up all petals prior to departure. Any other items not listed here must receive prior approval by the Event Venue Manager.

  • Prohibited Send Off Methods: Sparklers, confetti, rice, bird seed, fake flower petals, floating lanterns, fireworks, and balloons, are strictly prohibited.

  • End Time: The end time for your clients' event is 11pm. IMPORTANT: We require the house to be completely exited, reset, and locked by 11pm sharp, with no grace period. It is the planner's responsibility to oversee the timely exiting of the house. Outside tear down may continue until midnight.

  • Tear Down: All rental items, catering and food items, trash, personal items, and/or decor must be out of the house by 11pm sharp. All furniture must be returned to its original position. (See our Furniture Placement Guide for reference.) The planner will be required to do a venue walk through with the event rep prior to departure. We suggest beginning clean up with the dressing quarters upstairs and working your way down a few hours before the departure time of 11pm in order to allow plenty of time for exiting. 

  • Tent/Rental Strike: All tents and outside rental items must be completely off property no later than 9am the day following the event. Exceptions can be made when there is no event the following day. Please communicate with your tent and/or rental vendors to confirm pick up times.

  • Client Fee Acknowledgement: All clients at Ravenswood have signed our Client Fee Acknowledgement form. This is now in place of the $1,000 security deposit that we once required to be held on file. This form spells out our specific fees that will be required should a client fail to follow certain policies. Following the information found on this form should help clients to avoid penalty fees.

  • Helpful Information: We have provided an inside and outside floorplan as well as a FAQ page here (Password: rwdclient). You may also see a complete copy of our full policies signed by your client at booking here


If you have any questions about the above information or need clarification of any of our policies, please don't hesitate to ask and we will be happy to assist. We look forward to working with you!